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Dear Student,
Due to changes in Maryland State Law (Maryland General Assembly House Bill 104), Anne Arundel
Community College has changed the Waivers to Tuition Policy for Maryland residents who are
certified as retired for disability. The Waiver to Tuition Policy now includes students with disabilities
as those out of the work force by reason of total and permanent disability and entering community
colleges. Additionally, all students who qualify for the waiver (SSI and SSDI) must now first complete
the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to receiving a tuition waiver.
These changes became effective for all classes that began after October 1, 2011.
Please complete the following steps to submit your request for a waiver to tuition at Anne Arundel
Community College (AACC):
Complete the FASFA for the award year in which you are applying for a waiver at
15 days prior to the start of the session in which the course is
offered. This includes complying with all requirements to determine your eligibility for
federal financial aid. Please contact the AACC Financial Aid office for assistance at 410-777-
Obtain a Certification for Tuition Waiver Form from the Cashiers Office or at the college’s
website, Enter Social Security into the search box for a printable PDF
Complete Certification for Tuition Waiver Form by receiving certification by an official of
the Social Security Administration (or Railroad Retirement Board or former federal
employer) that you are receiving SSI or SSDI payments and that you are permanently
disabled. This form must be completed annually.
Return completed Original Certification for Tuition Waiver Form to AACC Cashiers Office
prior to the beginning of each term with the required payment.
Please Note: Students enrolled in credit coursework that exceeds 6 credits per semester must enroll
in a degree program, or certificate program that leads to employment to receive the Waiver to
For more information please visit our college's website, Enter Social Security into
the search box for links to Social Security Rules and a Printable PDF Certification for Tuition Waiver
Form or contact the Cashiers Office at 410-777-2236 with any questions.
Thank You,
Anne Arundel Community College


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