Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample


88 New Street
Los Angeles, CA 90011
(777) 888-9999
Dr. H Simpson (GM Operations)
LA City Hospital
123, Hospital Street
Los Angeles, California
Re: ​ A pplication for the Position of Medical Assistant
Dear Dr. H. Simpson,
This application letter is concerning the post of medical assistant with relevance to the LA
City Hospital for which I would like to consider myself a suitable candidate.
I am an experienced medical assistant who has been serving XYZ General Hospice for the
past 2 years. I am interested in pursuing this job opportunity because I possess the skills
pertaining to the needs of your hospital as well as have experience in performing
administrative and clinical duties efficiently, as have been doing so in my current job.
Through my CV, you shall be informed of my various skills, both clinical and clerical and of
my medical knowledge as well as academic qualification.
Looking forward to having an exclusive rendezvous with you so as to explore this
opportunity and take it further.
Expressing great appreciation towards your time and consideration,
Yours sincerely,
John Mike
Enclosed Resume-
Source: ​
h ttp://


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