Used Truck Inspection Form Page 3


63. Inspect back of bunk wall/speakers
64. Turn on top bunk lights/reading lights
65. Open bottom bunk storage
66. Check top and bottom bunk/bunk mounts
67. Open pass side windows in bunk
68. Inspect pass side cabinets/drawer/open all doors
69. Inspect all curtains and curtain tracks
70. Inspect overhead storage bins/open all doors
71. Inspect both driver and passenger seats
72. Sit in passenger seat/operate all air switches on seat
73. Inspect pass side glass/mirrors/down view mirror
74. Open pass side door/lock/unlock door
75. Open pass side window
76. Check sun visors
77. Inspect cup holders/ashtray
78. Sit in drivers seat/operate all air switches on seat
79. Open driver side window/pass window
80. Inspect driver side glass/mirrors
81. Adjust both driver and pass side mirrors
82. Check all lights in dash/dimmer
83. Check LED operation/check for engine codes on LED
84. Turn radio on check operation
85. Operate all switches in dash/wipers/turn signals/washers
86. Check cigarette lighter operation
87. Operate air horn/city horn
88. Operate engine PTO increase idle speed
89. Turn on 4-ways/BOC light/Headlights
90. Turn A/C on High
Engine/Exterior Inspection with Engine ON
91. Check all lights for operation
92. Check pigtail operation with test tool
93. Inspect unit for air leaks/exhaust leaks
94. Inspect engine compartment/listen to engine
95. Check APADS operation
Engine OFF Inspection
96. Turn engine off
97. Perform air brake test. Hold brake, check for pressure loss/pump brakes down till alarm/parking brake
98. Check for Fire Extinguisher/Reflectors
Vehicle Test Drive
99. Steering System
Differential wheel lock
Engine Brake
Engine Gauges
Parking brake ability to hold


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