Child Enrollment Form - Standard Child And Adult Care Food Program


Child Enrollment Documentation Requirement
Child and Adult Care Food Program – Child Care Centers
Child Care Centers that participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) are
required to annually collect enrollment information from parents and guardians. This requirement
applies to all CACFP facilities except adult day care centers, emergency shelters, outside-school-
hours care centers and at-risk centers.
Documentation of enrollment must include (per regulations 7 CFR § 226.15(e)(2) and §
Each enrolled child’s normal days and hours in care and the meal services in which each
child normally participates.
Signature of parent or guardian.
Annual updating of the information.
To document enrollment information, CACFP child care centers may use either of the two attached
sample enrollment forms or may revise their own child care enrollment form to include the required
information. The attached “standard” enrollment form documents each child’s days, hours and
meals in general. The attached “alternative” version allows for more detail by documenting each
child’s hours and meals for each day of the week.
If you have any questions about the requirement for collection of enrollment information, please
contact FNS at 651-582-8526, 800-366-8922 or e-mail


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