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Coloring Pages: Blood
Blood consists of plasma and formed elements.
The plasma is the fluid portion of the blood
and consists of water, proteins and dissolved
materials such as oxygen, carbon dioxide,
electrolytes and other materials. Plasma
makes up about 55% of the blood volume.
Formed elements make up about 45% of the
blood volume and consist of erythrocytes (red
blood cells, a), leukocytes (white blood cells, c)
and thrombocytes (platelets, b). Label and
color the RBC’s red, the WBC’s light blue and
color the nucleus violet. Label and color the
thrombocytes blue.
Thrombocytes are involved in blood clotting.
Note the size of the thrombocyte compared to
the other cells.
Erythrocytes do not have a nucleus and they
appear like a donut with a thin spot instead of
a donut hole. About a third of the weight of a
RBC is due to hemoglobin, which is made of
iron and is what makes the cells red. Color the
surface view and cross section of the RBC.
There are two main types of leukocytes:
granular leukocytes and agranular leukocytes.
The granular leukocytes have cytoplasmic
granules that either stain pink or dark purple or
do not stain much at all. The granular
leukocytes that do not stain much at all are
called neutorphils because the granules are
neutral to the stains. Neutrophils have a three
to five-lobed nucleus. Color the cells by
shading the cytoplasm blue and coloring the
nucleus violet.
The eosinophils are granular leukocytes that
have pink or orange staining granules. The
nucleus is generally two-lobed. Color the
nucleus violet, the granules orange and the
cytoplasm light blue.
Basophils are a rare granular leukocyte in that
they make up less than 1% of all WBCs. The
nucleus is S shaped. Label the basophil and
color the granules violet and the cytoplasm
light blue.
The two kinds of agranular leukocytes are
lymphocytes and the monocytes. The
lymphocytes can be large or small and make up
20-30% of the leukocytes. The cytoplasm is light blue and the nucleus is violet. The nucleus of the lymphocyte is dented
or flattened. Lymphocytes come in two kinds B cells secrete (antibody mediated immunity) and T cells are involved in
cell mediated immunity Label and color the lymphocytes.
The monocytes are large cells (about three times the size of a red blood cell) and have a strongly lobed nucleus. Label
the monocyte, color the nucleus violet and the cytoplasm light blue.


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