Story Review Chart Template


Story Chart
Date: ________________
Book Citation:
Last Name, First.
Title (underlined).
City: Publisher, date.
Character: Choose one character from the book
Setting: Draw a color picture of what one place in the
whom you are most like. Write a paragraph (TS, CD,
book might look like. Then write in the time period of
CM, CD, CM) explaining one trait you both share.
the book.
Time Period: __________
Plot: Summarize in four sentences (TS, CD, CD, CD)
Theme: Explain in three sentences (TS,CD,CD) what
what happened in one important episode from the
the theme or main idea of the story is. Give two
specific examples from the book that show this theme.
(Remember to use these sentence starters: In the
beginning of the episode . . . , In the middle of the scene . . . , and
At the end of the section. . .)


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