Move-In - Moving Checklist


Move-In 2016
Housing and
What to Bring…
Residential Communities
And What Not to Bring
What to Bring
Before You
Making it Your Home
Begin P acking:
Sheets (at least two sets…check your building
Posters, photographs, and other decorations
page for dimensions)
Area rug (Collegiate Bed Loft Company)
Comforter and duvet cover (you’ll spend a
Lamp and/or desk lamp and light bulbs
Contact your roommate to
lot of time on your bed, so it is nice to have a duvet
avoid duplicate items.
cover that can be easily removed and laundered)
Looking Your Best
Please refer to the UAPD
Towels and washcloths (at least two sets)
Mattress pad
Safer Living Guide for tips
Shower caddy
on protecting your valuables.
Shower shoes/flip flops
Alarm clock
Take inventory of what you
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc.
already own and what you
Clothes hangers
can borrow from older
Microwave (Highlands at Hackberry and
Clothes hamper/laundry bag
siblings or friends.
Bryce Lawn only. Microwaves are provided in all
other communities.)
If you are traveling a great
Clothes, shoes, outerwear, and accessories —
Dish soap and towels
distance, consider
You won’t have room for your entire wardrobe, but
Coffee maker (with automatic shut-off)
purchasing some items
you can trade your warm weather clothing for your
Kitchen supplies, including plates, cups, bowls,
cold weather clothing at fall break or Thanksgiving
once you arrive in Tuscaloosa.
utensils, can opener, chip clips, Ziploc bags, and
and then trade back at Spring Break or another
There are various retail options
storage containers
trip home.
within a 5-mile radius
Favorite snacks and drinks
Keep some transitional clothing on hand at
of campus.
Food for quick and easy meals in your room
all times for sudden changes in the weather.
(breakfast bars, sandwiches, Easy Mac,
College students typically dress for comfort, so
You can always pick up items
Ramen noodles, microwave meals, etc.)
don’t worry about bringing a lot of dressy clothes.
on your next trip home or
have family and friends send
packages to you on campus.
School supplies, including binders, folders, pens,
pencils, index cards, calculator, notebooks, etc.
Visit the HRC website
Personal organizer/calendar
for typical room layouts.
Computer, printer, cords, including disks and/or
You may not need every item of
CDs, surge protector, printer paper, and
this list. For some caffeine
ink cartridges
addicts, a coffee maker is
essential. Others will not need
one. The included items are
Cleaning supplies, including disinfecting
simply things you should think
wipes and room freshener
about bringing.
Laundry supplies, including detergent,
fabric softener, stain removers, lint brush,
For more packing questions,
iron, small ironing board, laundry marking
please contact our main office
pen, drying rack, and plenty of money on
your Action Card.
Paper towels
Garbage can and bags


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