8.5 X 11 Brochure Template


11" x 8.5" Gate-Fold Brochure
(10.875" x 8.5" Actual Trim Size)
(11.125" x 8.75" including .125" Bleed)
Front (outside)
* Note: your document size should be set to 11" x 8.5"
and the bleeds set to .125". Any artwork that touches
the page edge must be extended outwards from that
page edge by .125".
Text Safety Guide
No text beyond this line.
Delete This Art
Before Printing!
Trim Edge
This is the actual cut line
of the final trim size.
.125" Bleed
To ensure that ink coverage
goes to the final trim size,
extend any art, pictures, or
other graphics .125" beyond
the trim edge to this point.
Front Cover Right Panel
Back Cover
Front Cover Left Panel


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