Request For Interrogatories In A Debt Collection Suit Instructions, Example And Sample Form


Request for Interrogatories in a Debt Collection Suit
Instructions, Example and Sample Form
You can use
to ask the Plaintiff questions about their case
against you. To learn more about interrogatories and how to use them, visit
and search “Interrogatories.”
Use these instructions to help you fill out the Request for Interrogatories
form on page 5. We have also included an Example Interrogatory form filled
out by a made up person, Kerry Timberland.
 The Bank of New Debt is suing
At the top left corner of the
Kerry so she wrote “Bank of
Interrogatory form you will see
New Debt” on the line before
“_____, ss”. This is where you
write the county you live in. Put
in the same county that is on
The “_____________defendant”
the complaint that the plaintiff
line needs to say who is being
sent to you.
sued. Copy the name listed on
 In the example, Kerry lives in
the complaint before the word
Dorchester so she lives in
“defendant” on the form. It is
Suffolk County.
probably your name.
 The Bank of New Debt is suing
On the “______ Division” line,
Kerry so she wrote her name on
write in where the court is
the line before “defendant”.
 The Court is located in
To make a checkmark √, hold
Dorchester so Kerry wrote in
down the Alt key on your
keyboard and type 251 at the
same time.
Write in the docket number on
the “Docket no.________” line.
In the “Request for
You can find this number on the
Interrogatories” section check
complaint that the Plaintiff sent
the line or write in the questions
you want the Plaintiff to answer.
Interrogatories are questions
 Kerry’s number was on the top
that let you find out information
right corner of the complaint so
from the Plaintiff about the
she copied it onto the form as
case. If you have additional
questions write them in.
The “_____________plaintiff”
 Kerry does not believe that she
line needs to say who is suing
owes any money to Bank of
you. Copy the name listed on
New Debt so she asked
the complaint before the word
questions to determine when
they think she entered into an
agreement with them. She also


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