Wiaa Pitch Count Chart


WIAA Game Day Requirements:
1. The WIAA Pitch Count Chart of both teams are to be presented to the opposing coach BEFORE the game for review.
2. During the game, pitch counts will be recorded by each team and the Registered Pitch Count Recorder. Any discrepancy in the pitch count of
either pitcher will be resolved at the conclusion of that inning. Both team recorders and the Pitch Count Recorder (if present) will compare the
count of the current pitchers for both teams at the conclusion of every inning. This will be done at a location within the confines of the field as
determined by the host.
• If the counts are not the same, the predominant count (2 out of 3) will be considered official.
• If all three counts do not match, the count indicated by the Pitch Count Recorder will be considered official.
• If a pitch count recorder is not present, the home counter will be considered official.
3. At the game’s conclusion, the WIAA Pitch Count Chart will be signed by both head coaches and the Pitch Count Recorder.
4. Both teams must report their own team’s pitch count for each of their individual pitchers via the collection program.
5. Both schools will then have the responsibility to maintain every WIAA Pitch Count Chart and up to date pitch count records or log until their
school season is complete. Any discrepancy found after a game will be reported to the WIAA and treated as an issue to resolve. A hard copy of
all WIAA Pitch Count Charts must be available upon WIAA request.
WIAA Pitch Count Chart
Date of
First & Last Name of Pitcher:
Total # of
Signature of Pitch Count
Signature of Opposing
Signature of Pitcher’s
Head Coach
Head Coach
School Name: ______________________________________________ (Print)
Head Coach Name: ______________________________________ Head Coach Signature: _______________________________________


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