A Chart Of The Constellations Of The Zodiac


A chart of the constellations of the zodiac
The constellations of the zodiac are found along the ecliptic, in a belt 16 degrees wide. This
belt can be subdivided into 12 sections each subtending 30 degrees, and including a
constellation called a sign of the zodiac. The sun has one of these behind it when it rises in
each month of the year, e.g. about 21 March Aries is behind the sun at sunrise; a month
later, the sun rises in Taurus, etc.
Spring signs
March 1 Aries.
April 2 Taurus.
May 3 Gemini.
Summer signs
June 4 Cancer.
July 5 Leo.
Aug. 6 Virgo.
Autumn signs
Sept. 7 Libra.
Oct. 8 Scorpio.
Nov. 9 Sagittarius.
Winter signs
Dec. 10 Capricorn.
Jan. 11 Aquarius.
Feb. 12 Pisces.


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