Lord Of The Flies: Civilization To Savagery Graphic Organizer


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Lord of the Flies:
Civilization to Savagery Graphic Organizer
Find examples of how life on the island goes from civilized to savage. Be sure to include
specific details and page numbers.
You may want to look at aspects of island life such as:
The characters—physical and emotional characteristics
The island
The symbols
The hunts
The government
Start by establishing a baseline of what the boys are like in chapters 1 and 2 when they arrive
on the island (a.k.a when they are more civilized) and then find instances or examples of how
they change.
Next class you will be putting these into a format so that you can see the big picture—this
could be a graph, a chart, a picture using symbols—but either way you’re going to want to
include details and page numbers.


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