Form U-2 - Uniform Consent To Service Of Process

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Form U-2
Form U-2 Uniform Consent to Service of Process
That the undersigned ___________________________________ (a corporation), (a partnership), a ()
organized under the laws of ___________________________ or (an individual), [strike out inapplicable
nomenclature] for purposes of complying with the laws of the States indicated hereunder relating to either the
registration or sale of securities, hereby irrevocably appoints the officers of the States so designated hereunder and
their successors in such offices, its attorney in those States so designated upon whom may be served any notice,
process or pleading in any action or proceeding against it arising out of, or in connection with, the sale of securities
or out of violation of the aforesaid laws of the States so designated; and the undersigned does hereby consent that
any such action or proceeding against it may be commenced in any court of competent jurisdiction and proper venue
within the States so designated hereunder by service of process upon the officers so designated with the same effect
as if the undersigned was organized or created under the laws of that State and have been served lawfully with
process in that State.
It is requested that a copy of any notice, process or pleading served hereunder be mailed to:
Place an "X" before the names of all the States for which the person executing this form is appointing the designated
Officer of each State as its attorney in that State for receipt of service of process:
Secretary of State
Dept. of Banking and Finance
Administrator of the Division of Banking and
Commissioner of Securities
Corporations, Department of Commerce and
Economic Development
The Corporation Commission
Administrator, Department of
Commissioner of Securities
The Securities Commissioner
Commissioner of Corporations
Director, Department of
Securities Commissioner
Secretary of State
Banking Commissioner
Secretary of State
Securities Commissioner
Commissioner of Insurance
Dept. of Insurance & Securities Regulation
Secretary of State
Director, Division of Securities
Secretary of State
Commissioner of Securities
Director, Department of
Insurance and Finance


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