Offer Acceptance Form


I, Miss/Mr. ________________________________, (Application reference number.:
____ DOB: __/__/____) confirm acceptance of the offer of enrolment with the
understanding that I:-
 Have received a copy of the relevant course syllabus, which includes information
on course duration, content, qualification offered, assessment methods and other
information pertaining to my studies. I have read, understood and acknowledged
the conditional of enrolment as per my enrolment form;
 Understand that if I am unable to commence my course within the first week of
the specified start date and do not inform Pacific University of my late arrival, my
enrolment will be deferred by the institution until the next available intake;
 Understand that any deferment may affect my enrolment, which may also affect
my student visa (if applicable).
 Understand that it is a condition of my student visa that I must provide my contact
(address) details within seven (7) days of arriving in India and/or when I change
any of my contact details.
Signed Date
(by parent/guardian for student under 18 years of age)
Date :
NOTE: This form must be signed by the student and returned to Pacific University before
“Admission Letter” is issued.


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