What Is A Flow Chart Worksheet Template


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What is a flow chart? A flow chart is a diagram that helps list steps to help you reach an outcome.
For example, here is a flow chart to a
procedure you have seen before:
But they can also be funny!
Or they can be motivational!
However, in science classes flow charts are often used to depict lab procedures in a more simplified way. Like
on tests, it is really important to read the directions/questions carefully. But sometimes labs have lots of steps
with complicated sets of directions. This can be confusing! Especially if you have to do a step, wait, do a step,
do a different step, wait, repeat steps 5, 7, and 23. Doing well is all about reading and understanding directions.
Laboratory procedures tend to be an organized sequence of steps, the process can be represented with a flow
chart. Creating and then using a flow chart makes it easy to follow the flow of the procedure, tracing it through
the different steps, each to the proper ending. In some classes, they give specific instructions for creating flow
charts (with varying symbols etc.) In my class, I don’t think there is a single flow chart to represent all
procedures. You need to create one that will help YOU complete the lab successfully. The less complicated the
flow chart, the better.


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