Request For Adoption Of State Or Local Seizure

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Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury
Request for Adoption of State or Local Seizure
Federal Use Only
Asset Identifier: ____________________
Agency Case Number: ____________________ Agency Seizure Number: ____________________
Seizure Date: ______________________
Date Request Received: ____________________
Federal Adoptions of state or local seizures are limited to firearms, ammunitions, explosives, and child pornography instrumentalities.
Request must be submitted to the federal investigative agency within 30 calendar days of the state and local seizure date unless
circumstances merit a waiver, which must be attached.
Federal investigative agency shall review all requests for adoptions.
Requests for adoption of assets other than firearms, ammunition, explosives, and child pornography instrumentalities must be
forwarded to the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section or the Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture for approval.
Name of Requesting State or Local Agency:
NCIC Number of Requesting State or Local Agency:
Contact Person:
Telephone Number:
Date of Seizure:
Date of Request:
Delay Requested in Processing?:
Yes ☐
No ☐
Description of Seized Property:


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