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General information:
A subpoena is a form that requires a person to come to court to say what they know about a
case. It must be “served” on the person. This means it must be given or read to the person
you want to come testify. The information on this sheet will tell you how to subpoena a witness
who lives in New Hampshire.
You can also request that a person bring a document or other materials with them to court.
If you are represented by a lawyer, you should talk to your lawyer before you subpoena
Refer to RSA Chapter 516 for more information regarding subpoenas.
You will need a Subpoena
form to start this action.
Instructions for filling out the Subpoena:
Enter the name of the court, your case
name and case number assigned by the
court. Enter these on the top of the
subpoena form just as they appear on
your court documents.
Enter the name and address of the
person you wish to subpoena.
Enter the name of the court and the
street address of the court where the
hearing/trial will be held.
Enter the date, time, and location of the
hearing/trial at which you want the
person to testify.
If you want the person to bring anything
with them to court to help you prove
your case, you need to fill in what to
The subpoena must be signed and
dated by a justice of the peace, a NH
judge, or the clerk of court where your
case is filed. If you want a judge or
clerk to sign, contact the clerk for further
instructions. Judges and clerks are not
required to sign a subpoena.
Enter your name as the person
requesting the subpoena. If you want
the person to be able to call you with
any questions, enter your phone
DO NOT FILL OUT the Return of Service information at the bottom of the form. That will be
filled in by the sheriff or other person who serves the subpoena.


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