Exam Review Sheet - Physical Science


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1. ____________________ Principle helps to explain the relationship between buoyancy
and density.
2. For most substances, the distance between particles is ____________________ when the
substance exists as a solid.
3. Whether an object will sink of float in a fluid is determined by ____________________
4. Biology, chemistry and physics are all branches of the natural ____________________.
5. Sublimation is the state change that occurs when a solid becomes a
____________________ without becoming a liquid first.
6. The ability to be crushed is a ____________________ property.
7. How many electrons are in an Al
ion? ____________________
8. ____________________ are a class of elements that have the properties of being
malleable and ductile.
9. The ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ make up
the second group of the periodic table.
10. A sodium atom with 11 electrons has ____________________ electrons in its third
energy level.
11. A salad is a ____________________ mixture.
12. If an atom has 26 protons, 26 electrons, and 30 neutrons, its mass number is
13. Two different isotopes of an element have different numbers of ____________________.
14. Matter that has a definite volume and a definite shape is ____________________.
HAYES/LIPTAK/LORICH   P hysical   S cience  


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