Speaking & Listening Report


Speaking & Listening Report
Use this report to keep track of the skills that you are developing. Highlight the strategies that you are using when interacting with a
child. After working with a student, go through your self selected skill list, and check those you used successfully during a learning
Listening & speaking skills
Speak slowly. Set the conversational pace.
Gain the child’s attention before speaking.
Rephrase often. Use short sentences.
Maintain eye contact with the child.
Slow down the conversational exchange by waiting
a few beats before responding.
Show you are listening through your facial
expression and body language.
Provide verbal commentary. Talk about what you
are doing. Talk about what the child is doing.
Talk about what the child wants to talk about.
Rephrase and expand on the child’s utterances.
Use new words. Repeat them and pair them in
conversation with known words.
Help the child ask questions by rephrasing their
sentences in question form.
Model correct grammatical forms. Rephrase the
child’s utterance with corrected grammar.
Let the child speak without interruption. Change
topics carefully.
By: Joan Altimore , slp
Central Bucks (PA) School District 10/2001


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