Table Angel Template


Table angels
These pretty table angels are made from inexpensive
paper plates - the uncoated ones available in
supermarkets for around $2 for a pack of twenty.
They take only minutes to make and are incredibly
popular. Make some for your Christmas table and share
the idea with friends, they really are fun and so easy to do.
You will need:
White paper plates
Craft punch
(optional, available from craft stores)
Gift ribbon decoration
Step 3
Step 1
Push the plate from the back
Download your pattern and
to create a skirt, then slip the
print it out. Rub over the
two lines together to form
back of the design firmly
using a lead pencil. Then
turn this over and place it
onto the paper plate. Draw
around the outline to transfer
the image onto your plate.
Step 2
Step 4
Using sharp scissors, or a
You can leave your angels
craft knife if you prefer, cut
plain, add a name tag or
out all of the shaded areas,
decorate like mine with a
including the two lines on
stick on gift ribbon.
either side. If you have a
craft punch, go around the
rim of the plate
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