Rubric For Research Paper


Rubric for Research Paper
The writer's central purpose or
The writing has a clear purpose or
The central purpose or argument
The purpose or argument is
argument is readily apparent to
argument, but may sometimes
is not consistently clear
generally unclear.
the reader.
digress from it.
throughout the paper.
Balanced presentation of
Information provides reasonable
Information supports a central
Central purpose or argument is
relevant and legitimate
support for a central purpose or
purpose or argument at times.
not clearly identified.
information that clearly
argument and displays evidence of
Analysis is basic or general.
Analysis is vague or not
supports a central purpose or
a basic analysis of a significant
Reader gains few insights.
evident. Reader is confused or
argument and shows a
topic. Reader gains some insights.
may be misinformed.
thoughtful, in-depth analysis of
a significant topic. Reader
gains important insights.
The ideas are arranged logically
The ideas are arranged logically to
In general, the writing is
The writing is not logically
to support the purpose or
support the central purpose or
arranged logically, although
organized. Frequently, ideas
argument. They flow smoothly
argument. They are usually
occasionally ideas fail to make
fail to make sense together.
from one to another and are
clearly linked to each other. For
sense together. The reader is
The reader cannot identify a
clearly linked to each other.
the most part, the reader can
fairly clear about what writer
line of reasoning and loses
The reader can follow the line
follow the line of reasoning.
of reasoning.
The writing is compelling. It
The writing is generally engaging,
The writing is dull and
The writing has little
hooks the reader and sustains
but has some dry spots. In general,
unengaging. Though the paper
personality. The reader
interest throughout.
it is focused and keeps the reader's
has some interesting parts, the
quickly loses interest and stops
reader finds it difficult to
maintain interest.


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