Santa'S Felt Envelope Pattern Template


Santa’s Envelope Pattern
Cut out the pattern from a square of felt to the outside solid black line.
The black dotted lines are the folding lines. The pink dotted lines are
sewing lines, which should be sewn by hand with a long running stitch.
Materials Needed
The cut lines are where the ribbon will tie through.
Square of felt
Length of festive ribbon
First sew a long running stitch for decoration from point A to B. Fold
Embroidery thread
fl aps 1 and 2 inwards together so their points touch. Next, fold fl ap 3
over fl aps 1 and 2. Sew all three fl aps together from points C to D, using
the same size long running stitch as before.
Lastly fold fl ap four over the top. The ribbon should be threaded through
the cuts and tied in a bow.
Add decoration, such as ‘Dear Santa’, in a running stitch.


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