Project Planning Template


Project Planning Template
New Project
Continuing Project
Project Start Date: _________________________
Project End Date: _________________________
Project Title:
Target Audience:
Potential Project Partners (if applicable):
Project Description/Overview of activities:
1. What are the economic, social and environmental factors affecting your target audience? How will the project address these factors?
People are often affected by trends, shocks and seasonality – things over which they have limited or no control. For example: population
trends, economic trends, governance, disease, climate, pollution, natural disasters, conflict, and/or the seasonality of prices, production and
employment opportunities.
How will you address it?
2. What are the desired outcomes of the project’s target audience?
The team should investigate, observe and listen to the priorities, needs, wants and goals of the target audience.
3. How is the target audience trying to achieve these outcomes currently? What is and isn’t working?
4. How will your team empower the target audience to achieve the desired project outcome(s)?
5. How will your team utilize entrepreneurial action in carrying out the project?
6. How will achieving the desired project outcomes empower the target audience to improve their livelihoods?
7. How are you going to measure the direct impact of your project?
Quantitative Measurement Tools
Qualitative Measurement Tools
Enactus Team Handbook
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