Constructive Criticism For The Expository Essay


Constructive Criticism for the Expository Essay
Apply these questions to the paper you have read. If the answer is yes, say so, and point out some
specific examples. If the answer is no, say so, point out specific examples, and make suggestions for
how it can be made stronger.
Is the paper informative (does it present information that is likely to be new and interesting to at
least some readers)?
Is the information specific, with concrete examples?
Does it comprise a substantial part of the paper?
Is the information presented in a clear, systematic, and organized way?
Does the paper reflect on the larger significance of the information presented?
Are these reflections suggestive, interesting, probing, insightful? Do they take us beyond the
superficial facts of the situation to a deeper understanding of the topic?
Are the mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation) correct?


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