Two Stars And A Wish Template


BLM #8
Teacher/Student Resource
Grade 7 Drama: Two Stars and a Wish Peer Assessment
Distribute to students, or post as an anchor chart.
Suggestions for Effective Oral Communication:
Examples of effective feedback:
I.e. I felt sad at the beginning of the piece when Joe was surrounded by piles of garbage in his
own yard. He moved in a bound, tightly controlled way as if the garbage was smothering him.
I.e. I wish the story showed more of the solution as it was not clear what took the place of all
the packaging that caused the garbage in the first place.
Suggestions for Effective Written Communication:
Graphics: Draw two large stars and one large thought-bubble leaving lots of writing room.
Inside each star put the following in small letters:
The environmental issue that was well communicated was...
Dance drama actions were used well when ...
Inside the large thought bubble write:
The next time they present this piece they might include/or change…


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