Tooth Fairy Certificate Template


The Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Land
This letter is to let you know that your tooth has won the “Tooth of the
Month” award at my fairy castle back home. Oh my, what a tooth! When I
saw it I knew that it was something special. I flew all the way back here just
to let you know what a wonderful specimen this truly is.
There were a lot of good contenders this month. There was a molar that
had only ever chewed broccoli and meat loaf. There was an incisor that was
as strong and hard as a diamond. There was even an eye tooth that was
perfect for whistling. However, yours was the shiniest, the brightest and the
most beautiful.
Obviously you have been doing a tremendously good job brushing and
flossing your teeth, and that is why this tooth is so beautiful. Make sure you
keep up the good work, and I’ll let you know of the results the next time you
lose a tooth!


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