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Advertising brief/Advertising approval application forms
The Advertising brief/Advertising approval application forms (creative brief) should be
The process
attached to your draft concepts when you submit them for feedback/approval.
The creative brief is a good tool for thinking through your campaign. Use it to prompt
yourself to ask the right questions at the very start of the process.
The creative brief can be used when you engage with an advertising agency or
inhouse team. It provides all the information an agency requires to develop your
creative concepts.
For a copy of the:
Advertising brief form, refer to appendix 1
Advertising approval application form, refer to appendix 2.
Listed below are the criteria you’ll need to address when filling out the creative brief.
These are the same criteria you’d need to address when putting together an
Advertising approval application form.
State the road safety issue that the proposed campaign will focus on. Include any
Problem identification
data and information that has been used to identify this issue or further explain why
the campaign is focusing on this issue.
It’s not sufficient to simply state a problem, eg speed, with no supporting data or
State the road safety objective/s of your advertising campaign. Road safety
NZTA road safety
outcomes are the long-term outcomes the advertising will contribute to, eg reduced
crashes at intersections, a reduced incidence of alcohol and drug impaired driving.
These outcomes are unlikely to be achieved by your advertising campaign alone.
Despite this, you still need to be clear about what you want to achieve. These
outcomes need to be measurable.
NZ Transport Agency Advertising guide July 2012


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