Colonial America Friendly Letter


Colonial America Friendly Letter
You have traveled back in time to Colonial America, the late
1600s/early 1700s. You have been in the New World for 3 months and
have decided to write a letter to your family and friends back in Europe
telling them about your new life. You will work with a classmate to
complete the research part of this project; however, each of you will
develop your own letter and will be graded independently.
You and your partner will research one specific colony. We will work on
the research in the Library. You will have 2 class periods to complete this,
but additional research may be done outside of school. Together, you will
research the following areas so that your letter will be historically
 Who settled your colony? Why? How?
 Daily life in the colony
 Jobs of colonists
 Economy (how people made money)
 Towns and communities
 Schools
 Hobbies
Next, you will create a Character Biography (see attached page). What
is your name? Are you an adult or a child? What is your job? This
biography will help you get into character, and to imagine living in Colonial
Using this information, you will create a letter (at least 1 full page in
length) to a friend or family member back home in Europe. Your letter
should address the following areas:
 Date (remember it is not 2011)
 Description of a normal day in your colony
 Description of your home and community in the colony
 News about your family
 An issue of concern
 A source of excitement
 At least 2 questions
All items will be due on __________________________________________.
In addition to your final, proofread letter, you must turn in your Character
Biography and rubric on the due date.
All late assignments will lose 10% for each day they are late.
Fill in this page prior to writing your letter. Use the information
from your research to create your Colonial character. This will
be the voice from which you write your friendly letter.


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