Sample Request For A Letter Of Recommendation


Sample request for a letter of recommendation:
Dear _____________,
I am writing to request that you provide a letter of reference for me for the Doris Duke Conservation
Scholars Program at _______________ (your home university). This program will provide me with
_____________ (What are you hoping to gain from the program?) and is important to me because
___________ (What aspects of the program are important to you? How does participation in the
program relate to your specific situation?).
I believe that a reference letter from you would provide the selection committee with the information
they need to understand my qualifications for the program and my commitment to _______________
(What are specific qualities you possess that are related to the selection criteria and that you might ask
them to stress?).
If you need any additional information about the program please contact me by __________ (Email?
Phone?). You can learn more about the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program by visiting their
website at
Thank you very much for your consideration and support.


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