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Ornament Party Template
Globe Shaped Ornament
Have each guest create their own ornament by following these simple instructions:
1. Cut Ornament shapes out of the Ornament Template. Set aside.
2. Glue photos onto the front and back of 2 pieces of card stock. You can use the same
photo or mix and match different photos for fun.
3. When glue is dry, cut each piece of cardstock/photo into a shape from the Template.
Tip: center the template cut-out over an interesting part of your photo and cut around it.
4. Lightly brush edges of photo with glue stick. Sprinkle glitter and let dry.
5. Cut slits in photo shapes to match the template.
6. Slide pieces together perpendicularly to create a 3-dimensional ornament.
7. Punch a hole in top of ornament, add a ribbon holder.
8. Hang on the tree until the party’s over, then each guest takes their own home!


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