Box Normal Business Card Template


Template business card box normal
Size: 100 x 50 x 70 mm
You can use this file as an extra layer in your layout programme.
Do not forget to make our template invisible or to delete it before you save your final PDF, or JPG with high a
Format size to be submitted (341 x 184 mm)
Finished size + 3 mm cutting margin (bleed)
It is advised to let the background and all of the images run through to this edge. This ensures that your printing
can be cut needly and this prevents a white edge around your print.
Finished size (335 x 178 mm)
70 mm
Your printing will be cut on these dimensions. This format will be the final size.
Safe zone (4 mm)
Please make sure you keep your important images and text 4mm clear of the cutting edges. This prevents a
possible cut in the important parts, or that the images are so close to the edge that it results in a sloppy design.
341 mm
335 mm
100 mm
50 mm
100 mm


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