Sample Resignation Letters: Relocation, Heartfelt, New Position & Resignation With Regret


Sample Resignation Letters
By Alex Rudloff on May 23
, 2007
You have made the decision that you would like to move on; all that's left is informing your boss.
Should you write a resignation letter? If so, what exactly should go into it? Resignation letters can
be intimidating, even when you are fully prepared to "high tail" it out of your job.
Fortunately, there isn't much to writing a resignation letter outside of a few guidelines. We've
prepared this simple guide to help point you in the right direction, complete with a few
resignation letter samples!
How to Write a Resignation Letter
A resignation letter is generally a formality, but it is a sign of respect and is often expected.
Remember that while you may be unhappy with your boss or your job, the letter is written and
will probably be placed in your employee file. In other words, letters can be permanent -- keep
them positive. It is important to view the letter as a way to part amicably with the company,
possibly securing the ability to use them as a reference later in your career.
At the very least, a resignation letter should include the date your resignation is effective, the
position you are resigning from, and the date of your expected last day (generally, two weeks
from the resignation date).
If you are uncomfortable with saying much else, the good news is that you do not have to.
Resignation letters are fairly cut and dry. Sometimes people will include a few nice things about
the company that they are leaving. If you have it in you, you should too. Thank them for the
opportunities that they have given you and the things that you have learned. Remember that it
is not unusual to cross paths with people from previous companies. It is in your best interest to
keep the bridge intact. Heck, you might soon have to ask for a recommendation letter.
Resignation Letter Examples
Dear (manager name),
I hereby tender my resignation from my position as Associate Product Manager.
My last day will be on June 15th, two weeks from today, as per our contractual
(your name)
Dear (manager name),
This resignation letter is to inform you that my last day at (company name) will be
(date), two weeks from today. I will be relocating to (location) to pursue a new
I have appreciated the opportunities and experiences that have been provided
to me during my (time period) of service for (company name). If there is anything
I can do to be of assistance during the transition, please let me know.
(your name)


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