Financial Planning Section 6 - Template 1 Hiqa

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Financial Planning
Clear Form
Section 6 – Template 1
This template should be used in conjunction with the guidance from HIQA (2014) for the Budget Impact Analysis
of Health Technologies in Ireland.
Business Plan
Lead Owner
Hospital Name (particularly if
in a hospital group)
Application date
Introduction/Background/Case for change
In this section describe the following:
Existing service provision
Detail an overview of the key issues
Describe how the proposal will address these issues
Detail who has been involved and who will be affected
Define the target population
If the proposal is in support of a new technology, detail and differentiate from its competitors.
Strategic Context/Corporate Plan/Perspective
In this section consider the following:
• State how the project fits with the needs of the service both locally/nationally; corporately; at unit and directorate level.
• State the perspective/viewpoint from which the project proposal is conducted. E.g. ED or local hospital
• Outline how the project will assist in the achievement of national/local/group targets
• Outline whether the proposal will improve the utilisation of resources and how
• Consider whether your proposal is designed to be read by the key decision makers
Project Scope and Objectives
Risks and Constraints


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