Letter Of Consent From The Legal Guardian(S) For An Underage Applicant To Enrol At The Btu Cottbus-Senftenberg


Letter of Consent
from the legal guardian(s) for an underage applicant
Student Services /
to enrol at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
International Relations
Information for the parents
Dear parents,
Your underage child has limited legal capacity according to § 106 of the German Civil Code;
therefore, for a declaration of intent as a result of which a minor does not receive only a legal
benefit, a minor requires the consent of his legal representative according § 107 of the
German Civil Code.
Upon enrolment your child will become a member of the Brandenburg University of
Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (§ 58 Paragraph 1 Brandenburg University Law from 18
December 2008, Law and Ordinance Gazette Part 1 Page 318 in the respectively valid
edition). The role of a member comes not only with rights but also responsibilities.
In order to avoid the necessity of you, as the legal representative of your child, providing
consent to every individual activity and responsibility associated with being a student, the
issuance of a general consent is required. You will find an official form with a general letter of
consent attached. The signed letter of consent and photo copies of each legal guardian’s
official personal identification should be submitted along with your child’s application
Consent applies to all study-related activities and responsibilities, personal responsibility to
perceive all rights and duties that come with being a member of the university and dealing
with the associated legal transactions as well as actions similar to legal transactions, insofar
as they are in direct or consequential connection to taking up and caring out studies or
concern membership in the university.
Particularly included in this are:
applying to the university
the responsibility to pay the semester fee and other fees
registration and participation in lectures for the study pogramme as well as possible
participation in internships
registration for examinations
submitting applications for extensions of examination deadlines
access to examination records
filing objections to decisions
changing study programmes
participation in external events and field trips
use of the Information, Communication and Media Centre (IKMZ)
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