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Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office
Unclaimed Property Division
5800 Cornhusker Hwy, Bldg. 2 Ste. 4,
809 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68507
Lincoln, NE 68508-1390
Holder Report for Unclaimed Property
Please review your records to determine if you have any of the items on Form UP-1 (on page 2). If you do have property to
report, please provide all of the owner information you have including social Security number, date of birth and last known
If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the forms, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402.471.8497.
Shane Osborn
Nebraska State Treasurer
Instructions for Complying with Nebraska`s Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act
If you have nothing to report, it is not necessary to return this form, but a negative report will be accepted if submitted.
Reports and remittance are to be filed each November 1st for the year ending the preceding June 30th. Life insurance
corporations must file by May 1st for the year ending the previous December 31st.
Remittance must accompany report. Make check payable to the State of Nebraska. The aggregate amount for Nebraska is
under $25
Nebraska`s Dormancy period for holders is five years for all property with the following exceptions:
1 year for payroll
3 years for gift certificates
3 years for court/public corporation funds
2 years for dissolutions
3 years for Utility deposits
7 years for money orders
2 years for demutualization proceeds
3 years for mineral proceeds
15 years for travelers checks
All securities must be registered in the street name ``STANEB.``
All reports with more than 5 property owner names must be submitted via disk in HRS Pro format. Please visit
for free software.
A holder may pay or deliver property before the property is presumed abandoned if all due diligence requirements are met.
c) if a single item has two or more owners, the names and addresses of both must
be shown along with the relationship (e.g., ``Trustee for``, ``or``, ``and``, ``Cust. for
Any holder of property belonging to another person when the owner has not claimed
_____ UGMA-NE``, etc.)
it, or if correspondence with the holder had been unsuccessful and returned in the
d) List the complete address, including the zip code
HOW TO REPORT (Report form UP-2)
e) When reporting certified or cashier`s checks, list the names and addresses of
both the remitter and payee, specifying each. In the case of money orders and
This form is used to report individual items of unclaimed property. The report is to be
travelers checks, only the identification number is required.
completed and mailed with the UP-1 by November 1 (Mat if you are a life insurer).
The property which is to be reported includes the list on UP-1. Please provide as
COLUMN 4: Enter the owner’s social security of Federal ID number and date of birth
much identifying information as you can.
if known
REPORT YEAR: Enter the year-end dates. June 30 for everyone except life insurers
COLUMN 5: The ``date of customer`s last transaction`` is that of the last deposit or
(December 31).
withdrawal made by the owner
COLUMN 6: List the amount due the owner. This includes all interest earned on
deposits through November 1 of the reporting year (service charges are listed in
COLUMN 1: Enter the property description of each item. If possible, use the
column 7). In the case of stocks and bonds, the number of shares should be listed.
descriptions listed on UP-1.
For all safe deposit box contents or other safekeeping depositories, copies of the
notarized inventories of the contents must be attached as part of the report. The
COLUMN 2: Enter the ID number of the property, such as account number, policy
report should be sent separately form the contents.
number and similar items.
COLUMN 7: If service charges, deductions, withholdings, or discontinued interest
payments have been made, the holder shall include or attach a copy of the contract
a) List in alphabetical order last name, first name and middle initial or name if
authorizing such charges or discontinues payments. The amount of service charges
available. Be sure to include information which would aid in identification such as Jr.,
deducted form each item should be entered in. When service charges equal or
Sr., Miss, Dr., etc. after the middle name.
exceed the value of the property, this information must be reported.
b) Corporate title and the like should be entered exactly as adopted.
COLUMN 8: Enter the amount due the owner. Enter the column totals at the bottom
of each column. If your report is longer than one page, enter the grand totals for the
entire report on the last page submitted with the report.
Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn | | 402.471.8497 | 809 P Street, Lincoln, NE, 68508-1390
Nebraska State Treasurer Shane Osborn | | 402.471.8497 | 5800 Cornhusker Hwy, Bldg. 2 Ste. 4, Lincoln, NE 68507
809 P Street, Lincoln, NE, 68502
809 P Street, Lincoln, NE, 68508-1390


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