Application For Utah County Event Permit Form


for Utah County Event Permit
The following application is submitted to the Utah County Public Works Department in order to comply with Utah County Code Article 13-8.
Application must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and the Event Permit must be obtained a minimum of one-week prior to
the event. Applicable fees are set forth in the "Utah County Government Current Fee Schedule and Ordinance". All fees must be paid prior to
issuance of the Event Permit. Any issued Event Permit may be revoked by Utah County if any of the conditions for the issuing of or contained in
the Event Permit are not complied with, or if any condition previously met ceases to be complied with. Any person who knowingly permits,
maintains, promotes, conducts, advertises, sponsors, organizes, manages, or operates any event as defined in UCC Section 13-8-1, without
obtaining the Event Permit required by Section 13-8-2, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. A certificate of insurance, naming Utah County as a
“Certificate Holder”, evidencing general liability (or general liability and umbrella) insurance coverage for the Applicant in the minimum amount
of $2,300,000.00 per occurrence in effect on the date of the event must be provided with the application, or applicant must pay for County-
provided insurance coverage if available.
Application Number:______________
1. Name of Applicant: ______________________________________________________________________________
2. Applying in behalf of (if other than self): _____________________________________________________________
3. Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: __________________
Cell Phone: __________________
Fax: __________________
4. Is applicant at least 18 years of age: Yes____ No____
5. Name of Event: _________________________________________________________________________________
6. Brief description of event:
7. Location of event (provide address or description of the Utah County properties involved):
8. Date(s) of the event: _____________________________________________________________________________
9. Start and end times:
Start setup: _______________ Start event: _______________
End event: _______________ End cleanup: _______________
10. Will tickets be sold or entry fees charged? Yes____ No____
11. Total number of event participants: __________________________
12. Total number of non-participant spectators: __________________________
Fees will be calculated using the estimated numbers of participants and spectators combined. If, following the event, it is determined that the
actual total number varied from the estimate by more than 50, the County shall be authorized to collect from the Applicant any additional amount
that should have been paid.
Application for Utah County Event Permit
rev 03/25/13


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