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333 SOUTH 200 EAST, PO BOX 145499, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84111-5499
Phone: 801-535-6301 / Fax: 801-535-6302 /
Name_____________________________________________, Plaintiff )
Motion to Declare
Street Address_______________________________________________ )
the Judgment Satisfied
City, State, Zip______________________________________________ )
Name___________________________________________, Defendant )
Hearing Requested
Street Address_______________________________________________ )
City, State, Zip______________________________________________ )
Case No._________________________
I am the:
Attorney for the
Defendant/Respondent and my Utah Bar number is _________________.
Instructions: You must complete this form before you file it. The judicial services representative cannot complete this
form for you. Keep a copy of all documents for your records. Attend all court hearings. Attach: Additional pages as
needed to complete paragraphs that don’t have enough space. Write the paragraph number on the additional page. A copy
of the judgment and any other documents referred to in this document. Statement supporting the motion. Memorandum
supporting the motion.
By and through my attorney, (Attorney, check here if you are appearing for your client.)
I say as follows:
A judge of this court signed the judgment in this case on ___________________________ (date).
I am the judgment debtor, and I have paid the judgment in full, but the owner has not filed an Acknowledgement
of Satisfaction.
The judgment is currently owned by ______________________________ (name).
I have attached the following documents showing that I have fully satisfied the judgment (Choose  all that
 supporting statement by ________________________ (name)
 receipts
 canceled checks (Use a black marker to censor the account number and routing number.)
 other _______________________________________________________
I request a hearing.
I do not request a hearing.
The judgment has been fully satisfied, and I request that the court enter an order declaring that the judgment in
this case is satisfied.
I have not included any non-public information in this document.
I declare under penalty of Utah Code Section 78B-5-705 that everything stated in this document is true.
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