30 Day Notice To Vacate Template


30 Day Notice to Vacate
Current Date: ____________
Reason for moving:______________________________________________________
I (we),[ALLNAMES], do hereby give notice to vacate the Property stated above. I (we) do
acknowledge that I(we) are responsible for rent for 30 days from the day this notice is
received by management, or until the end of my (our) lease period, whichever is longer. If
the term of the lease is not fulfilled, I (we) understand that a Termination Fee may apply.
I (we) will be completely moved out and will turn in the keys to a American Family
Communities no later than ________________________.
If keys are not surrendered by this day, I (we) understand that I (we) will be charged for rent for
each day until the keys are returned. Any changes to the move out date must be submitted in
Street address:__________________________________________________________
City, State, & Zip Code:__________________________________________________
Phone Numbers:________________________________________________________
Email Address:_________________________________________________________
Resident’s Signature___________________________________Date_______________
Resident’s Signature___________________________________Date_______________
Received By:_________________________________________Date_______________
As you prepare to move from your residence on the date provided on your 30 Day Notice to
Vacate, we want to take this opportunity to help you get as much of your security, cleaning, and
damage deposit back as possible.
NOTICE: Tenant must complete a 30-Day Notice to Vacate form. These forms are available on
our website . Verbal notices are not accepted or honored. Failure to provide written notice
will cause tenant to be responsible for all rent until new tenants are accepted, late fees,
and other related turnover costs are complete.
RENT: Tenant is responsible for rent up to the 30
day of their 30-Day Notice to Vacate or until
their lease expires, whichever is longer.
EXTENSIONS: If Tenant wishes to stay longer than specified on the 30-Day Notice to Vacate
form, tenant must first call our office to see if this extension is acceptable. If the extension is
acceptable, tenant must complete a new 30-Day Notice to Vacate form to show the new Walkout
date. Tenant will be responsible for all rent to the new date. If tenant requests an extension, but
vacates earlier than expected, tenant is still responsible for rent up to the date shown on the 30-
Day Notice to Vacate form.
EARLY DEPARTURE: If tenant vacates prior to the 30
day of the notice to vacate, tenant
should notify American Family Communities and turn in all keys. Tenant is still responsible for
rent until the 30
day of the notice to vacate.
KEYS: Tenant will be charged rent until all keys are turned in. If tenant fails to turn in keys,
tenant will be charged to change all locks and rent up to the day the locks were changed.


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