Request For Approval Of Outside Employment Form


Dual Employment (Outside Employment)
Outside employment refers to work that occurs outside of a full-time
County employee's normal working hours.
To ensure that full-time employment with the County is the primary
employment and work activity of the County employee. Outside
employment may not create or appear to create a conflict of
interests with the policies and programs of the County. In no event
should the outside employment serve to diminish the effectiveness
of the employee in the performance of County duties.
Management and Professional County employees engaging in any
outside employment, including self-employment, private
employment, employment with another municipality, town, city or
state government, or non-profit agency or organization. For
purposes of this policy, holding an elected office does not constitute
outside employment.
The employee requests permission for outside employment on the
attached form. The request should be submitted to the employee's
department head and must be completed in full. The department
head should review this request for any potential conflict that may
The department head recommends approval or non-approval, and
attaches an explanation for either recommendation. The
department head informs the employee of the recommendation.
The information requested in #1, is submitted to the Human
Resources Department.
An employee wishing to appeal disapproval by their department
head must submit the appeal to the Director of Human Resources.
An appeals board composed of the Director of Human Resources
and Deputy County Executive will meet to consider the appeal and
make a recommendation to the County Executive. The Director of
Human Resources will notify the employee of the County
Executive's decision.
If approved by the department head, the Human Resources
Department will review the request with the County Executive. The
County Executive, or her designee, will approve or disapprove the
request. If approved, written approval applies only to the specific
employment situation described. Separate approval is required for
each separate or subsequent employment undertaken.


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