Family Retreat Planning Template

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The   _ _____________________________   F amily   P lanning   R etreat  
Date   _ ________________  
Pre-­‐retreat   c hecklist:  
• Complete   b asic   i nfo   o n   t he   F amily   B usiness   P lan   S preadsheet  
• Both   c omplete   t he   L ife   S atisfaction   W heel  
• Assemble   r easonably   a ccurate   f inancial   i nformation  
Our   F amily   M ission/Vision   S tatement:  
    ( Take   f requent   b reaks:   w alking   t ogether,   b rief   r ecreational   a ctivities,   m eals.   U se   c onversation  
cheat   s heets   i f   n ecessary   t o   k eep   c onflict   l ow,   a nd   d e-­‐escalate)  
1. Brainstorming    
a. What   d o   w e   w ant   t o   a ccomplish   i n   t his   r etreat?  
b. How   w ould   w e   l ike   t o   f eel   a t   t he   e nd   o f   o ur   t ime?  
c. To   h ave   a   s ense   o f   p rogress   a nd   d irection,   w hat   w ill   b e   d ifferent?  
2. Review   F amily   M ission/Vision   S tatement  
3. To-­‐Date   C heck-­‐in  
a. Looking   b ack,   w hat   h as   b een   a ccomplished?  
b. What   t hings   a re   w e   p articularly   s atisfied   w ith?  
4. Personal   C heck-­‐ins  
a. Using   W heel   r eview   d omains   o f   f unctioning.  
b. What   a reas   a re   s trengths?  
c. What   a re   t he   s ignificant   a reas   f or   g rowth?  
d. Hold   o ff   p lanning   t ill   # 6   b elow.  
5. Financial   D iscussion:  
a. Warming   u p      
i. What   i s   m y   g reatest   f ear   a bout   m oney?  
ii. When   w as   I   m y   m ost   c ontent   f inancially?  
iii. When   d oes   m oney   c ause   m e   g ood   f eelings?     B ad?  
b. Snapshot:   W here   a re   w e?  
i. Assets   &   D ebts    
1. College   s avings  
2. Retirement  
3. Investments  
4. Emergency   f und  
5. Liabilities  
c. Budget   ( grade   y ourself   f or   e ach   a rea)  
i. Having   o ne.  
ii. Following   i t  


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