Baby Face Activity Worksheet Template


Baby Face Activity
Name: _____________________________________
______________________ Per: __________
- 2 pennies ( 1 Mom penny & 1 Dad penny )
- Baby Face Activity packet
- Colored pencils
- Blank copy paper
1. First determine by “rock, paper, scissors” which partner will toss the Mom penny and
which will toss the Dad penny. Each of you will get a penny.
Mom Penny: ____________________________________
Dad Penny: _____________________________________
2. Males determine the sex of the child. So have the “Dad Penny” flip their coin:
a. If it lands heads up = girl
b. If lands tails up = boy
c. Circle the sex of your baby:
3. Give your child a First, Middle, and both of your last names hyphenated – alphabetically.
a. Example: Partner 1’s last name = Smith. Partner 2’s last name = Doe. Baby’s last
name = Doe-Smith
Baby Name:
4. Heads will now represent the dominant allele (Capital letter) and tails will now represent
the recessive allele (lower case letter).
a. For each trait on the chart you will flip a coin to determine what GENOTYPE your
offspring will have.
b. Put a check in the box that represents your offspring.
i. Example: For Shape of Face – Your partner tossed heads, and you tossed
ii. That means your offspring’s genotype is Rr, and the child will have a round
iii. You would check that box. If you had instead both tossed tails, the child
would have a square-shaped face (rr).
iv. If you’d both tossed heads, the child would have a round shaped (RR) face.
v. Coins should be flipped only once for each trait.


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