Form Hud-637 - Title I Claim For Loss (Part 2) Application Voucher Form - U.s. Department Of Housing And Urban Development

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U.S. Department of Housing
OMB Approval No. 2502-0328
Title I Claim for Loss
(exp. 1/31/2003)
and Urban Development
(Part 2) Application Voucher
Office of Housing
Federal Housing Commissioner
Read Instructions carefully before completing this
1. Type of Loan
2. Contract Number
15. Names, Current Addresses, & Social Security Numbers of Borrowers
Property Improvement
Manufactured Home
3. Title I Case Number
4. Date Loan Disbursed (mm/dd/yyyy)
5. First Installment Date
6. Date of Default
7. Interest Rate
16. Names, Addresses, & Social Security Numbers of Co-Makers or Co-Signers
8. Face Amount of Loan
9. No. of Installments
10. Amt. of Each Installment
11. Date of Demand for Full Unpaid Balance 13. Reason for Default Code (HUD Use Only)
12. Monthly Statement on Which Acknowledged
14. Claim Type: (HUD Use Only)
HUD Use Only
17. Amount of Insured Loan
18. Unpaid Loan Obligation at Date of Default
19. Full Installments Received Prior to Default (No. of Installments.:
(Simple Int. Loans: Principal =
Interest =
Deductions 20 a. Payments Received after Default (itemize on line 27)
b. Lender Entitlements after Default
c. Amounts Retained by Lender after Default
d. Best Price Obtainable
from back
e. Excess Funds from Foreclosure Proceedings
of page
21. Net Unpaid Loan Obligation (line 18 minus lines 20a thru 20e)
22. Interim Interest (7% per annum of line 18 for
23 a. Repossession and Preservation Costs
(Transportation NTE $1,000/module)
b. Sales Commission
23a, c, & e:
c. Uncollected Court Costs
Totals from
d. Attorney's Fees (Not to Exceed $500 for PI $1,000 MH)
back of page
e. Recording Costs and Other Expenses
f. If Manufactured Home Lot Loan or Combination Loan Classified as Realty
• Real Estate Taxes
• Special Assessments
• Hazard Insurance Premiums
• Transfer Taxes
24. Subtotal (lines 21 thru 23f)
25. Less Coinsurance (10% of line 24)
26. Total Insured Loss (line 24 minus line 25)
27. Payments received after default (itemize line 20a above)
Total Amount
Certification: The undersigned applies for the amount of insurance benefits due under its contract of insurance and the regulations issued in accordance with Title I of the National
Housing Act for the loan identified above. In making this application for insurance benefits, the undersigned certifies that (a) the application is just and in accordance with the terms
of the contract of insurance and the Title I regulations; (b) all information shown above is true and correct; (c) all expenses have actually been incurred and are reasonable and customary
in the area where the property is located; (d) all repairs identified as repossession and preservation costs were necessary to protect and preserve the property while awaiting resale; and (e)
all foreclosure or repossession activities have been carried out in full compliance with applicable State and local laws. Upon request, the undersigned will furnish the Department with an accounting
of any receipts or disbursements included in the amounts shown above.
I hereby certify that all the information stated herein, as well as any information provided in the accompaniment herewith, is true and accurate.
Warning: HUD will prosecute false claims and statements. Conviction may result in criminal and/or civil penalties. (18 U.S.C. 1001, 1010, 1012; 31 U.S.C. 3729, 3802)
28. Name & Address of Lending Institution
HUD Use Only
Telephone Contact Number (include area code)
29. Name & Title of Authorized Official (type or print)
30. Date of Submission Name & Title of Authorized Official (type or print)
Insurance Verification
X Signature
X Signature
Previous edition is obsolete
ref. Handbook 1060.2
form HUD-637 (2/2000)
Send original and one copy to HUD; second copy to lender


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