Correlation Chart Of Leveled Readers To Houghton Mifflin Reading


Correlation of Leveled Readers to Houghton Mifflin Reading
Language Support
Below Level
On Level
Above Level
All Together Now
Theme 1.1
The Cat Set/The Mat
10 Cats
My Cat
A Cat, A Dog, and a Chair
Supper for Cal
Theme 1.2
Nan and Fan/We Can!
Nat, Nan, and Pam
Jumping Fun
Meet the Feet
Theme 1.3
The Big Hit/Big Pig
Here is Hen
Pat and Pig Run
Gram's Hat
Kit Finds a Mitt
Theme 2.1
The Box/Wigs in a Box
The Box
A Wig for a Pig
The Big Box
The Mixed Up Wigs
Theme 2.2
What Can a Vet Do?/Hot Fox Soup
Six Wet Pets
In the Van
At the Vet
Kenny's Big Present
Theme 2.3
A Hut for Zig Bug/The Rope Tug
Slug and Bug
Where is Zig?
Big Tug
Let's Take a Trip
Let's Look Around
Theme 3.1
A Summer Day
Fun in the Snow
Fall Leaves
Theme 3.2
Mr. C's Dinner
Tim's Pig Eats
Tim's Pig
Mama and Kit Go Away
The Lazy Fox
Theme 3.3
What a Trip!
Grab it!
Let's Grab It!
Let's Look for Birds!
On the Beach
Family and Friends
Theme 4.1
Who's in a Family?
Jobs at Home
Lots of Jobs
My Family
Let's Go Shopping!
Theme 4.2
The Best Pet
Sit, Spot, Sit!
The Twins' Pets
Happy Birthday, Sam!
Theme 4.3
Bud's Day Out
Me and My Pup
My Pup and Me
A Bird on the Bus
Scruffy, The Frisky Puppy
Home Sweet Home
Theme 5.1
Moving Day
Too Big, Too Small or Just Right?
Just Right!
Chad and the Big Egg
Miss Hen's Feast
Theme 5.2
Me on the Map
Jake's Map
Jake Makes a Map
Places in the United States
My Neighborhood
Theme 5.3
The Kite
A Good Home
The Best Place
The Just-Right House
The Surprise Snow
Animal Adventures
Theme 6.1
The Sleeping Pig
The Carrot
The Huge Carrot
Watermelon for Lunch
Theme 6.2
EEK! There's a Mouse in the House
Fun and Food to Eat
The Feast
Going Fishing
Zeke Takes a Bath
Theme 6.3
Red-Eyed Tree Frog
How Many Frogs?
Looking for Frogs
The Mouse in the Forest
Animals at Night
We Can Work It Out
Theme 7.1
That Toad is Mine!
The Bike Ride
The Bike Trip
The Best Class Trip
The Endless Puzzle
Theme 7.2
Pig's Tall Hat
A Walk in the Woods
Breakfast for Bears
Theme 7.3
If You Give a Pig a Pancake
Good Night!
Under a Full Moon
If You Miss Your Bus
The Blue Kangaroo
Our Earth
Theme 8.1
The Forest
Planting A Garden
Planting Beans and Beets
Many Kinds of Birds
In the Forest
Theme 8.2
Hello, Chick!
Hello, Little Chick!
The Penguin Family
Sea Turtles
Theme 8.3
Johnny Appleseed
The Story of Juan Bobo
Juan Bobo
Rachel Carson
George Washington Carver
Special Friends
Theme 9.1
When I Am Old With You
Lets Play Today!
Come Play With Me
Friends Online
The Story Box
Theme 9.2
The New Friend
New Friends
Knock, Knock
The Sleepover
Friends Forever
Theme 9.3
The Surprise Family
Sandy Runs Away
Runaway Sandy
The Duck Pond
Junk Into Art
We Can Do It!
Theme 10.1
Two Greedy Bears
The Treat
This Piece or That Piece?
Why Rabbit's Tail is Short
Why Bear Sleeps All Winter
Theme 10.2
Fireflies for Nathan
The Sled
The New Sled
Cliff Can't Come
Carla's Corner
Theme 10.3
Days With Frog and Toad
The Birthday Present
The Sweetest Present
Faster! Faster!
Dog's Party
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