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Volunteer Financial Acknowledgment
• ALL new account signers and current account signers must complete and sign this form, effective 9/11/2011.
• ALL account signers, persons handling bank statements and/or money, must be registered for the current Girl Scout year,
with a volunteer application on file and have a ‘clear’ background check
• Sound financial support is crucial to ensuring that girls have opportunities to participate in Girl Scouting activities that build
girls of Courage, Confidence and Character. Keeping accurate bank records demonstrates financial responsibility and is
consistent with GSSC’s mission statement.
• Savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit (CD’s), Money Markets or financial interest bearing accounts are NOT permitted for
Girl Scout banking.
• Programs and activities should be financed through dues, GSSC sponsored product sales, sponsorships and approved
money-earning additional fundraisers. Money is earned collectively and is not property of individual girls. If a girl leaves the
troop or does not attend a special event, the money earned toward the event remains with the troop. If a troop disbands, the
funds are then absorbed into the Service Unit account. The Service Unit will then disburse the funds to the troops where the
girls who want to be placed are registered. Any leftover funds will be used for girl programming by the Service Unit.
• There should always be supporting documents and/or receipts to prove expenses, reimbursements and debit card
• Bank account signers will be held accountable for all financial activity. GSSC staff and/or the Service Unit Coordinator can
call an account audit at any time.
• Your troop must submit a copy of the front and back of the troop’s debit card along with the signed agreement to the
GSSC Main Office, Commack.
• The troop’s bank statements will be sent to the Service Unit PO Box or to the Service Unit Treasurer for every month.
Under no circumstances are bank statements to be sent to any of the troop leaders’ homes.
• A Year-End Financial report MUST be submitted ON TIME as determined by your Service Unit.
• Debit cards are NEVER permitted to be used at any ATM machines and users CANNOT get money back on transactions.
• You may use online banking only for the purpose of checking the Troop account’s balance. No transfers/payments of any
kind are permitted.
• Two debit cards will be issued to every Troop. One will stay with the Troop, the other will stay with the Service Unit.
I have read and understand the basic responsibilities of the bank account signer and the adults handling money. I agree
to carry them out to the best of my ability. I believe that girls are the focus of everything that Girl Scouts of Suffolk County
does. I understand how good accounting practices and record keeping is consistent with the Girl Scout Mission Statement
and the Promise and Law. I will use the Girl Scout Promise and Law to guide my choices and actions. If I am unable or
unwilling to comply with the above or I choose not to support the missions, values or goals of this organization, I agree to
communicate this to my Coordinator and be removed as a bank account signer.
SU#: ____________________ Troop #: ____________________
Account Signer’s Name:__________________________________________________________________
Volunteer Position:________________________________________
Bank’s Name:_____________________________________________
Troop Checking Account #:________________________________
Debit Card #: ____________________________________________ Security Code:___________
Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: __________________________
Girl Scouts of Suffolk County • 442 Moreland Road, Commack, NY 11725 • (631) 543-6622 • gssc.us


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