Form T20541-1112 - Application For Inspection Of A Salvaged Motor Vehicle


Application for Inspection of a Salvaged Motor Vehicle
Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90D Sec 20D (a)
Title Division/Auto Theft Section
PO Box 55889 Boston, MA 02205-5889 Telephone: 857-368-8050
M. G. L. Chapter 90D Section 20D, Reconstruction
or Restoration of Total Loss Salvage Motor Vehicle
(a) Any owner who reconstructs or restores a total loss salvage motor vehicle
The salvage law and inspection requirement is a consumer
to its operating condition which existed prior to the event which caused a
protection and anti-theft law. The vehicle is “branded” for its
salvage title to issue under this chapter or the laws of another state, or who
lifetime and the brand appears on the title, e.g., “RECON-
recovers a total loss salvage motor vehicle if stolen, shall make application to
STRUCTED” or “RECOVERED THEFT” so that a consumer
the registrar for a certificate of title and an inspection of the vehicle prior to
purchasing a vehicle will know its history. Vehicles are selected
the registration or sale of said vehicle. Each application for title and inspec-
at random for inspection. We inspect the selected vehicle for
tion shall be accompanied by the following:
its identity and record all major component parts replaced, ei-
ther by number or receipt. This is to deter fraud and the sale of
(1) the outstanding salvage title previously issued for the salvage vehicle;
stolen parts.
(2) bills of sale evidencing acquisition of all major component parts used to
The inspection is NOT a safety inspection. If the safety in-
restore the vehicle, listing the manufacture’s vehicle number of the vehicle
spection sticker was removed from the windshield and replaced
from which the parts were removed, if such part contained or should contain
with a rejection sticker at the time of the damage appraisal,
the manufacture’s vehicle identification number;
you may submit the vehicle to any official inspection station
(3) the owner shall also provide a sworn affidavit in the form prescribed by
for a valid safety inspection sticker after the defects have been
the registrar which states that: (i) the identification numbers of the restored
corrected and the vehicle has been properly registered.
vehicle and its parts have not been removed, destroyed, falsified, altered or
defaced; (ii) the salvage title document attached to the application has not
We have several salvage inspection sites throughout the Com-
been forged, falsified, altered or counterfeited; (iii) all information contained
monwealth. An appointment is not necessary; inspections are
on the application and its attachments is true and correct to the knowledge of
conducted on a “drive-in” basis. Contact the Title Division/Auto
the owner; and
Theft Section at 857-368-8050 or visit our website at
for the days and locations of “drive-in” sites
(4) the required inspection fee.
or to address any relevant questions you may have.
The vehicle identification number of every vehicle for which an application is
At the time of the inspection you will be required to have:
submitted shall be inspected by an inspector at a location designated by the
registrar. In addition, of the vehicles presented for such inspection, a certain
number may be selected for inspection of the vehicles major component parts
1. A completed Application for Inspection of a Salvaged Mo-
which have been repaired or replaced as part of the rebuilding process to
tor Vehicle, including the owner’s sworn affidavit.
determine that the vehicle information contained in the application and sup-
2. The receipt for the $50.00 fee that you paid to “MassDOT.”
porting documents is true and correct. The selection of vehicles to undergo
3. Ownership papers, including outstanding Salvage Title or
said major component part inspection shall be on a random basis, in accor-
RMV receipt for title.
dance with criteria and procedures established by the registrar by regula-
4. Insurance appraisal report.
tion, which may be changed from time to time as the registrar deems neces-
5. Bills of sale evidencing acquisition of all major component
sary. The inspector may examine the identification number of each part that
parts used to restore the vehicle. If the vehicle was wholly
has been repaired or replaced as a part of the rebuilding process in addition
or partially restored with “used” parts the receipts must
to the vehicle identification number, and may compare said numbers to the
contain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the
vehicle identification numbers and identification numbers of parts entered
vehicle(s) from which the part(s) were taken.
into any state, regional, or national computer network that records the identi-
fication numbers of stolen motor vehicles and the identification numbers of
stolen parts. Nothing in this section shall establish a presumption that a part
Note: If an airbag has been replaced with a used airbag pur-
has been removed, falsified, altered, defaced, destroyed, or tampered with
chased after January 1, 2004, a copy of the certificate of title
by a person submitting a vehicle inspection, if such part fails to contain a
for the vehicle that the airbag came from must be provided,
required identification label. The major component inspection shall not be for
regardless of whether the airbag was purchased in Massachu-
the purpose of checking road worthiness or the safety condition of the ve-
setts or out-of-state. A “used airbag” is an airbag that has
hicle. No liability shall be imposed on the registrar or the commonwealth or its
been removed from one vehicle and reinstalled in a salvage
agents or employees with respect to any act or omission related to said in-
vehicle being rebuilt.
spection. A person aggrieved by an adverse report issued under this section
by a vehicle inspector, may file a written request for reconsideration of the
Except for a licensed dealer, a Salvage title CANNOT be trans-
inspector’s report with the registrar, within thirty days of receiving a written
ferred from private party to private party without the current
copy of said report. The registrar shall assign the request for review to a
owner first obtaining a salvage title in his/her own name or by
hearing officer, who shall schedule a hearing to be held within thirty days of
the date of the request, at a place of the registrar’s choosing. The hearing
completing the salvage process and obtaining the “RECON-
officer may affirm or overrule the decision of the inspector. A final decision by
STRUCTED” or “RECOVERED THEFT” title, whichever is ap-
the hearing officer shall be rendered with fifteen days of the closing of the
final date of the hearing.
Inspections by authorities in other states will not be honored in
(b) Upon satisfactory inspection results, and receipt of all required docu-
Massachusetts unless a prior agreement between the other
ments and fees, the registrar shall issue a new certificate of title in the name
state and Massachusetts exists. All Salvaged Titles vehicles
of the owner which shall contain the notation, “reconstructed,” or if the ve-
must be inspected in Massachusetts if they are to be regis-
hicle was a stolen vehicle which was subsequently recovered in an undam-
tered in Massachusetts. New York Salvage Certificates (Form
aged condition, said certificate shall contain the notation, “recovered theft
907A) are not accepted.


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