Kanarak New Character Form


Kanarak New Character Form
Real Name: ___________________________ Email address: __________________________
Character Name: _________________________________
 Human
 Half Elf
 High Elf
 Wood Elf
 Moon Elf
 Dark Elf
 Dwarf
 Fae
 Goblin-kin
 Ogre-kin
 Kithrix
You (and everyone else) start with 15 body aka health.
Weapons: Anyone may use a shield to defend, or pick up any weapon at all and verbally call “1”
when striking someone else. To optionally do more, pick one or more weapons below, and
circle them:
With this, you
With these, you call “2”
With these, you call “3”
With a bow, you call “5 no
call “2” damage
damage if you have one
damage, but 2 hands
armor” damage (arrows go
and may only
hand on it, and call “3”
must be used with
through armor!), but you
be used in 1
damage if you have
them at all times for
must be taught how to
both hands on it;
shoot safely by Dave
Dagger (20 XP)
Sword (25 XP)
Great Sword (30 XP)
Axe (25 XP)
Great Axe (30 XP)
Bow (50 XP)
Mace (25 XP)
Great Mace (30 XP)
Pole Arm (30 XP)
Everyone gets 100 (humans 120) starting XP, minus XP spent on weapons, if any.
Already read the rulebook? Feel free to note any other skills you want anywhere on this sheet!
If you plan on casting spells, check out the casting rules section of the rulebook and be sure to
note all of your spells on this sheet, we need to know what you can do!
Before leaving, don’t forget to find a marshal to check out, turn in your sheet and deposit all
coin into your bank!
New Player Character Sheet.docx


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