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Leander Independent School District
204 W. South Street
P.O. Box 218
Leander, Texas 78646
(512) 570-0000
LISD Employees Requesting Maternity/Paternity Leave
Benefits Department
We are including this notice with your leave packet to make you aware of the following:
 The LISD Medical plans are PPO Plans with BlueCrossBlueShield. All inpatient
admissions require pre-approval. Please be aware that it is ultimately your
responsibility to make sure that your insurance provider, BlueCrossBlueShield
is notified. Please refer to your ID card for the Preauth-Medical or Preauth-
MH/CD (Mental Health/Chemical Dependency) telephone numbers.
 Please access the LNet by going to the Faculty/Staff section of LISD’s website.
Once you are in the LNet, you can go to the Human Resource department’s
page. From there, click on Employee Benefits and Mid-Year Changes – QLE on
the left hand side. Select Make Life Event Change Now. If registering as a first
time user on the tcgbenefit site, the company key is leander (case sensitive).
This is where you will need to add your newborn child to your coverage. Please
contact the Benefits Office (512-570-0142) if you have problems adding your
 A newborn child of a covered Employee is not automatically covered or enrolled
in the Plan (regardless of whether you currently have dependent coverage in
place or not). Newborn nursery charges will be applied toward the plan of the
covered parent. If the parent does not add the newborn to his/her plan within 30
days, those charges will not be covered. Newborn charges are not
automatically covered under the mother for the first 30 days.
 If you fail to add your newborn to LISD’s benefit plans within the first 30 days of
the birth you must wait until the next Open Enrollment in October for
benefits that will become effective the following January 1.
Please do not hesitate to contact this office if you have any questions.
Thank you.


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