Circle Of Sisterhood Foundation Mission Gift Form


Gift Form
Circle of Sisterhood Foundation Mission
We will leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women to raise
financial resources to entities around the world that are removing educational
barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression.
Donor Information (please print or type)
Billing address
ZIP Code
Telephone (home)
Telephone (cell)
Affiliation (if applicable)
Gift Information
I (we) pledge a total of $_______________ to be paid:
Please make checks, corporate matches, or other gifts
____ now ____ monthly ____ quarterly ____ yearly
payable to:
Circle of Sisterhood Foundation
P.O. Box 90257
I (we) plan to make this contribution in the form of:
Indianapolis, IN 46290
____ cash ____ check ____ credit card ____ other
Credit card type
Credit card number
Expiration date
Authorization Code (3 digit)
Authorized signature
Gift will be matched by ________________________________ (company/family/foundation).
____ form enclosed ____ form will be forwarded
Acknowledgement Information
Please use the following name(s) in all acknowledgements:
____ I (we) wish to have this gift remain anonymous.
____ I (we) wish this gift to be in memory of: ______________________________________________
____ I (we) wish this gift to be in honor of: ________________________________________________
Please send an acknowledgement of this honor gift to (please provide name and address for letter):


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