Form W-5 - Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate 2004


Are you eligible for advance EITC payments?
I’ll qualify
I won’t
I won’t
I’ll qualify
I won’t
I’ll qualify
I’ll qualify
I won’t
I won’t
I’ll qualify
Don’t Guess
If you qualify for advance EITC payments, you
How do you get advance EITC payments?
take home more money every payday -- through-
If you determine that you are eligible to get advance EITC
out the year.
payments, fill in the 2004 Form W-5, detach it and give it
Are you eligible for advance EITC payments?
to your employer.
You must expect to be eligible to claim the
See page 3 of the Form W-5 for requirements if your
EITC on your 2004 tax return. Complete the
situation changes after you submit the Form W-5 or after
questionnaire on page 2 of the Form W-5 to
you start receiving advance payments.
see if you may be able to claim the EITC in
How much are the advance EITC payments?
2004 or see Publication 596, Earned Income
The total advance payments are not more than $1,563.
Credit , for full details.
The actual amount depends on your total earnings,
Your expected income for 2004 must be less
and other income.
than $30,338 ($31,338 if married filing jointly).
Any additional amounts can be claimed when you file
If married, you and your spouse must file a joint
your 2004 tax return.
tax return to claim the credit; and
For additional information
You must expect to have at least one qualifying
Consult your employer or tax preparer or call
child. To be your qualifying child for the EITC, the
child must meet the three conditions in the Form
See Publication 596, Earned Income Credit at
W-5 instructions under, “Who is a Qualifying Child?”
for more details on advance EITC.


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