Form Ss-4411 - Articles Of Dissolution Nonprofit Corporations

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For Offi ce Use Only
Corporate Filings
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Floor, William R. Snodgrass Tower
Nashville, TN 37243
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 48-64-104 of the Tennessee Nonprofi t Corporation Act, the undersigned
corporation submits the following Articles of Dissolution:
1. The name of the corporation is:
2. The dissolution was authorized on
3. Please check the applicable box:
The resolution authorizing the dissolution was duly adopted by:
The members
A majority of the board of directors, as approval by the members was not required.
4. If approval by third person(s) other than the members, directors, or incorporators was required, such approval
was obtained.
5. If a public benefi t corporation, notice to the Attorney General, required by Section 48-64-103(a) of the Tennessee
Nonprofi t Corporation Act, has been given.
6. The written consent or a copy of the resolution authorizing the dissolution is attached.
7. If the document is not to be effective upon fi ling by the Secretary of State, the delayed effective date/time is:
[NOTE: A delayed effective date shall not be later than the 90th day after the date this document is fi led by
the Secretary of State.]
Signature Date
Name of Corporation
Signer’s Capacity
SS-4411 (Rev. 03/03)
Filing Fee: $20.00
RDA 1678


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